Hero and Villain of the Week: 12/2/11

Hero: Many heroes this morning, and they’re all in Egypt. After three weeks of peaceful revolution and a last-ditch defiant stand by dictator Mubarak, he finally fled the capital late on Friday 11 Februray. Among the heroes are up to 300 protestors who have died during the uprising and the many hundreds more who have been injured during violent clashes with riot police. With power now in the hands of the military, commanders have assured the people and the world that they will not substitute as a legitimate government. Egypt is the second Arab nation in months to force a change of regime through the will of the people. Heroes are sources of inspiration for us, role models whose feats we can only aspire to imitate. The people who have taken to the streets of Cairo since January 25 put their lives on the line for something bigger than themselves: freedom from political oppression.

Villain: A home-grown villain this week in the form of Eddie McGuire, the sneering, supercilious media presenter and president of Collingwood Football Club. McGuire yesterday used his morning radio spot to sneer at the new Greater Western Sydney Giants Football Club, suggesting that new recruits for the club would get sick of living in the “land of the falafel”. Hard to know where to start with the sheer crassness of this comment: cementing stereotypes; racist overtones; outright mockery of a large segment of Sydney … And, gee, Eddie, it’s not like there’s no stereotypes about Collingwood that we couldn’t throw around is there? GWS has already got an uphill battle as the second AFL club in a one-team town where AFL is still only a minor football code. Forcing them into a racial and cultural niche is not going to help.

About Coffee with Ruby

Ruby is a writer, lecturer and thinker who blogs mostly on politics, environment and social philosophy. She has been at the coalface of the political process, but is now strictly an observer. Join Ruby for coffee and musings over whatever is going on at the time ...
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