Welcome to Coffee with Ruby

Welcome to Coffee with Ruby.  As the title might suggest, this blog is intended to be conversational and maybe open up ongoing dialogue on some of the current issues we face, whether they are social, political, environmental or just about what’s on my mind at the time.

There’s few things I enjoy more than discussions over a good coffee.  I hate parties and big gatherings, I detest the shallowness of what is known as ‘networking’, and I avoid things like office Christmas parties like the plague.  I will, however, drop everything for a coffee with friends, colleagues and associates with whom I can have a really good conversation.  The sort of conversations we used to have before Twitter reduced every thought to 140 characters.  Sure, blogs are not a patch on the real thing, but it’s one way of getting conversation going. 

Let the coffee be poured.


About Coffee with Ruby

Ruby is a writer, lecturer and thinker who blogs mostly on politics, environment and social philosophy. She has been at the coalface of the political process, but is now strictly an observer. Join Ruby for coffee and musings over whatever is going on at the time ...
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